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Rick Adams

Rick started his radio career in broadcasting at a 500-watt radio station that no longer exists. He moved on to a 1,000-watt religious format station in East Providence, Rhode Island, in 1976, and remained there until 1995. He did fill-in talk radio at a few small stations and even a 5,000-watt station, which is now a clear channel station in Providence.

Following the attacks on 9-11, Rick decided to buy 2 hours on Saturday afternoon at a 50,000 watt station in Providence to host his own ‘Alternative’ talk format; he brought in guests that normally adorn the RBN landscape and became quite popular with audiences seeking answers to the lies about 9-11. He moved on to a smaller station when the other facility turned to Spanish-language programming and he continued to buy his time slot until one day – during his program – he was told to leave the station and not come back. Such was the impact on the powers-that-be when he took to the microphone. It was at that point – when he no longer had any input on air – that John Stadtmiller invited him to begin his new career on RBN. THE REST OF THE STORY IS HISTORY, AS THEY SAY….

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