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Dr. Sam Kennedy

Dr. Sam Kennedy, author of the Instant Criminal Complaint, is known around the world for his creative court-stopping solutions to personal tragedy. Having taught thousands of men and women to settle their cases honorably, pay the bill, and use proof of claim, Sam reveals the intricacies of cutting-edge law merchant remedies in "Take No Prisoners" every Sunday night at 8 PM CST. Whether you are warehoused as a political prisoner or on the fast track to a debtors nightmare, or simply want to know more about converting liability to 3rd party defendants using the Beneficiaries-in-Common payment method, Sam may have the tonic for what is ailing you. A semi-retired doctor who treats pain disorders, Sam served as a journalist and professional writer for many years. Especially if you are in the battle of your life, tune in "Take No Prisoners" every Sunday night.