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Dr. Winn Parker

Dr. Winn Parker Ph.D. (M.T.) (ASCP) is a licensed medical clinical scientist for clinical laboratory pathology research and development in biomedicine. He worked for several years as a reviewer for corporate and government grants for emerging technologies and as an intellectual property valuator and peer-reviewer of what is inside the Washington D.C. beltway, where global decisions are made about our bodies and foods and health. He discusses what is in your path to advance during these volatile times in addition to what threatens your wallet and health. Dr. Winn Parker is a global medical and bioscience clinical intellectual property venture capital licensing agreement analyst. He is an expert witness in medical and science biomedical cases. Forensic Water Environment Management Intellectual Property (IP) Consultant, Licensed Clinical Medical Scientist Legal-medical Technology and Diagnostic Code Consultant for Law cases, Facility Venture Capital Development Consultant, Former Tele-Medicine Consultant for the World Health Organization

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